Working in the service of Steve Jobs is possible and we tell you how to do it -


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Saturday, 30 December 2017

Working in the service of Steve Jobs is possible and we tell you how to do it

This is one of those news that awakens at the same time a smile and something of stupefaction. Let's put in background. As you know, Steve Jobs was one of the creators of Apple with Steve Wozniak . A true visionary who knew how to transmit his values ​​and way of seeing life to his Apple brand. After a successful career not without controversy, as when he was kicked out of his own company, Jobs ended his days at Apple, where he died of cancer.

To say Steve Jobs is to say Apple . Everybody know that. That is why it is surprising that European justice has allowed two young people to create a clothing brand called "Steve Jobs" whose logo is an apple suspiciously similar to Apple. And is that the brands and logos usually register precisely to be unique and differentials, so no one explains how after years of legal struggle have managed to take the cat to the water.

And how have they done it? Very simple: the brand of the apple bitten is Apple and not Steve Jobs , although we all associate its creator with the signature. So using this stratagem the brothers Vincenzo and Giacomo Barbato have made it possible for their brand "Steve Jobs" created in 2012 to be their property.

They tell it like this:

    We did our market research and discovered that Apple, one of the best known brands in the world, had not registered the brand of its creator, so we decided to do it.

Yes, they confess it with total clarity: they have taken advantage of Apple's carelessness to get rid of it . So having the name, the next thing was to create a logo, something that they achieved with a J that lacked a mouthful.

Needless to say, Apple sued them for using both the name of Jobs and that similar logo, but in 2014 the European court agreed with the Neapolitan brothers. However, they have had to wait until 2017 to be able to use it effectively.

So you know: if you like Apple and fashion, the Steve Jobs firm sells backpacks, t-shirts, jeans and other garments. By the way, the Barbato brothers do not rule out producing electronic devices. Would you trade an Apple gadget for one of Steve Jobs?

Via | Macrumors 

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