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Thursday, 28 December 2017

You can charge your iPhone remotely sooner than you think

As many of you may have noticed with the passage of time, there are few technologies that I like as much as wireless charging. The convenience of not having to depend on the specific cables for each phone, especially in the case of Apple that as you know are of dubious quality, is priceless. Let's also add that we do not have to look for it in the room, and that all we have to do is put it on a base.

There is simply no better loading system, at least in my opinion. And I would say that it will also be that of many more people as the technology arrives on the market, which we will talk about today, which has just been approved by the US Federal Communications Commission, the FCC.

Energous, a company dedicated to the development of wireless charging systems, has received the authorization to bring to the market the WattUp Mid Field, a transmitter that allows the charging of devices about 90 centimeters from the transmitter . It seems a small distance, but the company is already working to increase the reach.

The best thing about this system is that it would work with any type of gadget, regardless of the manufacturer, you just have to have the right receiver installed. For example, in the case of the iPhone, there are many users who would like Energous to work with Apple to introduce this technology in their terminals, however, they do not seem to be maintaining any kind of conversation at the moment.

However, that does not mean that in the near future we can not have an iPhone with remote wireless charging. But, for now, we will have to settle for what Apple offers, which includes the AirPower, the system with which we can load all our devices at the same time.

And you, would you use this type of system in your home?

Via | 9to5Mac 

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