You can now play Tetris on Facebook officially -


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Friday, 1 December 2017

You can now play Tetris on Facebook officially

If there is a classic game capable of hooking directly that is Tetris. The popular game of geometric figures that must fit to get points reaches the social network Facebook , through Messenger. Do you want to know how? We tell you

Once the application is open, you just have to press the button on the console and select the game. So we can play with any opponent of our contacts in the social network . Best of all, we can access daily challenges in the game and synchronize our score with all the gamers who are on Facebook.

The network of Marck Zuckerberg therefore adds this great game to its live chat platform, and each time it is able to have more additions, such as stickers, emoticons or videos. Tetris was launched in June 1984 by the Russian programmer Alekséi Pázhitnov and has reached a multitude of platforms, such as the mythical Game Boy . It is a puzzle game that combines skill with a very catchy Russian music. The simplicity of its graphics make it not at the forefront of the visual effect, but at the top of games that have made history.

The launch of the game by Facebook will begin in the United States and gradually in a few hours it will be implemented in the rest of the countries , so that in a very short time we will be able to enjoy online games with our contacts in the social network.

The best thing of all is that you will know that to play Tetris or games like Space Invaders, Arkanoid or the incredible Pac-Man you only have to have installed the Facebook Messenger app , without any type of addition. The Facebook Instant Games are a series of games integrated in a platform, with which users can play without leaving the social network. So do not wait for them to tell you and challenge your friends.

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