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Sunday, 17 December 2017

Youtube 2017: we bring you the best tricks

YouTube, in addition to being a great platform, also has incredible tricks. From normal details to things that will make our lives easier. Today we bring you YouTube tricks that you will love.

Youtube tricks
Then we leave you the list:

YouTube offline
With this, you can easily save any Youtube video on your device and watch it later. Keep in mind that this will work on some selective videos that can be accessed offline. This will only work on smartphones.

Step 1. First, update your YouTube application from the Google Play Store.

Step 2. Now you will see that an "offline" option will be added in the sidebar.

Step 3. Click on it and you will see the "Download" button in each video.

Step 4. Select the download button in any of the videos you want to access offline.

Now the video will be saved in your application to access offline. Now, when you want to access that video, go to the offline option and play the video.

How to share a part of the video
Sometimes we want to share a part of the video with our friends. You just have to follow the next steps.

Step 1. Open the Youtube video and write down the video time from which you want to set as the starting point. Allow 1 minute and 10 seconds to pass.

Step 2. Now in the last video URL add "# t = 01m10s" and copy the link.

Step 3. Now you can share the link with your friend and the shared link opens the video from 1 minute and 10 seconds.

Automatic playback of any video
Sometimes we want to repeat funny videos or our favorite music. To repeat a video on youtube will be as simple as right clicking and clicking on "loop".

Activate dark mode on youtube
Would you like to activate the dark mode on YouTube? Well, very easy.

YouTube dark mode.

Do you have any questions? Do you want to suggest that we do some tutorial? Do not be courted! We love knowing what you think. Get in touch with us. To end I want to thank you for your visit and encourage you to use the comment box. Either in this same article or on the Google+ social network. Without further ado, I say goodbye and wish you a happy day.

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