YouTube Rewind 2017: more than 150 million visits -


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Sunday, 17 December 2017

YouTube Rewind 2017: more than 150 million visits

Do you know what YouTube Rewind is ? Well, we tell you that it has more than 150 million visits. It is also true that it has its bad parts, which we will tell you throughout the article.

Youtube Rewind 2017
YouTube Rewind encompasses the "supposedly" best platform. All in a seven minute video. This obviously brings your good things and your bad things.

First, we find the huge publicity of youtubers. If they already had a projection, then imagine now. The bad thing is that there is someone who has not left because he is fighting with the platform. Among them, the star of it: Pewdiepie.

Personally, I think the best thing about the video is not in the video itself. Let me explain: the comments section is a giant meme in itself. Jokes about the duration, youtubers that do not come out, better moments ... the truth that you can not miss it. In fact, he has a million dislikes. There's not much more to say, right?

Much of the hate has come from the fans of Piedewpie, who are not few. But it is also true that the selection has not been exactly right ... this, as you can all understand, is totally subjective.

And you, what do you think ?, Remember to leave your opinion and your favorite youtubers in the comments. Tell us if you liked it, if it displeased you or if it is indifferent to you. Thank you very much for reading.

To end…
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