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Friday, 8 December 2017

ZTE Gigabit Phone, the smartphone that flies thanks to 5G technology

It is not the first time we talk about ZTE , nor will it obviously be the last. Today I wanted to talk about ZTE Gigabit Phone , the first smartphone of the company capable of connecting to 5G networks .

The ZTE Gigabit Phone was initially presented at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) which, as every year, takes place in Barcelona in the month of February. The Gigabit Phone, the first smartphone in the world to reach a download speed of up to 1Gbps. Something that will make the way we connect to the Internet and how we enjoy the different services that this offers change substantially.

Features of the ZTE Gigabit Phone

We'll start talking about the ZTE Gigabit Phone , so it's your "engine", a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor that comes with an integrated LTE X16 Snapdragon modem. Thanks to this modem and a combination of technologies (4X4 MIMO and 256-QAM modulation), this device reaches download speeds 10 times faster than first generation LTE technology.

In the future we hope that close, when the 5G networks have been implemented in our country, we can reach download speeds of 1Gbps which will make the experience of using mobile devices reach unimaginable levels.

What can we enjoy with 5G networks?

The speed that the 5G networks will provide will allow us to watch videos without any delay due to the download process or later lags during viewing. We will enjoy instant storage of our data in the cloud, that's the end of waiting to connect to a WiFi to do things ...

Specifications of the ZTE Gigabit Phone

At the moment the ZTE Gigabit Phone will take to reach the stores, as this model is more a sample of what ZTE can get to make a device ready to be sold in stores, so the rest of the specifications of the Gigabit Phone still They are not clear.

When the company with more information about it we will let you know ... .while we can only wait.

Price of ZTE Gigabit Phone

As for the price of the ZTE Gigabit Phone that we will see these first smartphone with 5G technology will not be exactly cheap, although the company has always managed to control the price of its terminals to make them attractive to the general public. The price would be between 650 to 800 euros, that is, they place it within the high range of smartphone.

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