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Saturday, 27 January 2018

10 accessories to squeeze your phone to the fullest

If there is something that we like is to be able to buy things for our iPhone and to be able to not only configure it to our liking, but to get it to the limit of the possibilities it offers . That is, get a gadget so that the camera gives much more of itself or have a case that makes it go well protected.

That is why we have prepared this article with a careful selection of the huge amount of things that exist in the market of gadgets and technology. We believe that this is the series of accessories must have for iPhone and with them you get to be the latest in both trend and possibilities , join us to discover what we offer you.

IPhone X screen protector

The iPhone X is a beautiful terminal in terms of design, although very fragile in case of fall . The repair of the screen costs a significant amount of money , so it does not hurt to put this tempered glass protector of maximum resistance . It is capable of supporting up to a sharp knife. It comes in a comfortable pack of 3 units.

Extreme battery

Always have the right battery for any situation is essential. That is why our proposal is a 20,000 mAh high, which guarantees you several loads in a row, ideal to take it as an essential accessory if you go to the mountain or rural house .

Virtual reality glasses

If you like to explore the new possibilities offered by some apps, it is best to invest some money in virtual reality glasses . They are a very affordable accessory in most cases, and that adapts to different models of phones. These we recommend have the extra headphones.

Lenses for photographing

It is the best way to give a new touch to your photographs, practice with macro mode or fish eye. It's the cheapest model there is , and for what it costs it's worth it . With this accessory, you can take advantage of your most artistic side.

Wireless charger

You do not have to spend a lot to get access to wireless charging. This model of UGREEN offers up to 7.5 watts and will take your iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X to top of battery in a reasonable time . It has very good ratings and exceeds its purpose.

FM transmitter

This accessory is ideal if you want to transmit the music you have stored on your device to your car radio, also doing the hands-free function . As it has an integrated battery and does not need installation, you can use it in all the cars you want.

IPhone X case

If you want a versatile cover , that offers the necessary protection and that also has pockets to put the cards, without a doubt we have found yours. Built in one piece, it takes you out of a hurry when you do not want to be too loaded.

Device cleaner

Investing a lot of money on an iPhone is a pity if we do not give you the care it requires. This product is optimal for the screen, although you can use it without problem for the entire device . It smells good and comes with a microfiber cloth.


The memories that we carry in our photos and videos should not be clouded by vibrations or tremors. In addition to this, it is often advisable to use it to make group photos or long-term recordings . With this, compatible with any phone and including a Bluetooth trigger, your memories will be even better.

Pet tracker

An ideal accessory for those who have a dog likes to take walks in the countryside. It allows you to attach it to your collar and know at all times and your location is the animal, even send a notification when the dog has left our default area , or what they call "virtual fence". And in iPadizate we also think of our beloved ones.

With all these accessories that we have proposed you can go a step further in your relationship with your iPhone, as you can see there are for all tastes and budgets so you have no excuse to choose any of these. What better than to make a good self-gift?

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