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Tuesday, 16 January 2018

10 little-known tricks to use the iPhone X as a pro

Although the iPhone X came out a while ago, there are still many users who have not been able to take full advantage of their features . Whether due to lack of time or interest, some features of Apple's new flagship terminal were largely forgotten.

For this, today we bring you the 10 secret tricks so you can use your new iPhone X as an expert. Here they go.

Face ID configuration

Users have found a way to make Face ID much more accurate when it comes to unlocking our iPhone X, and although it seems silly, it really helps.

When you are setting up Face ID for the first time, instead of holding your iPhone in front of your eyes like many people do, you can do the scan at the height of your stomach or chest . This is because, at the time of unlocking, many of us usually do it with our mobile phone at this point, since for convenience, very few of us lift it up to our face.

Activate Reachability

If you miss twice touching the Home button on your iPhone so that the whole screen goes down within reach of your hand, do not worry, you can also do it on the iPhone X.

For this, go to Settings> General> Accessibility, and activate the Reachability option that is in the Interaction section.

Open the Control Center with one hand

If it bothers you to have to use two hands to download the notification bar or the Control Center, here we have a solution to this problem.

Do you remember that in the previous step we activated Reachability? Well, now you only have to use this function and then swipe from the left or right side of the screen to download the Notifications Center or the Control Center respectively.

Move multiple applications to folders

With iOS 11 far are the days when we had to put applications one by one in the folders that we created. Luckily, this tedious process is over .

Now, if you want to put multiple applications in a folder, you only have to enter the mode tembleque -when you leave an app pressed for a while, go-, and while you move an application to the folder of your preference, press with another finger the others that you want to add It is not very difficult and it saves a lot of time.

Move apps or folders to other screens faster

As in the previous section, we can move folders or applications through the different home screens in the following way.

Hold the application or the folder you want to move with one finger, while with another you slide to the right or left. You can appreciate that the screen is changed, and you can deposit your app where you want.
A better way to open multitasking

This way you can open multitasking much faster than usual. We know that the process for this is to slide up, stop a little in the middle, and wait for the other application cards to appear.

However, a better way to do this is as follows: make a semicircular movement from the Home button to the right. You will see how you open multitasking almost instantaneously.

Change apps in a faster way

There is a much simpler way to switch between the applications that we have recently used. Instead of opening multitasking, we just have to make a simple step .

Instead of sliding up as in the previous point, slide the Home button bar to the right or left to switch apps quickly.

One-hand keyboard

There are times when we can only use one hand to write on the keyboard of our iPhone, but it is something that is uncomfortable due to the size of the screen compared to that of our thumb.

If you do not reach the entire keyboard with one hand, you can reduce it as follows : press and hold the emoji button in the lower left corner of the screen. You will see that a menu opens, there you select the one-hand keyboard option.

Goodbye Done button

Now, instead of pressing the Home button after making changes to the home screen - such as moving an app or creating a folder - Apple makes us press a Done button in the upper right corner of the screen. The problem ?, the screen of this terminal is really high, and many times we do not reach that button.

Instead of going that far, just slide the bottom bar-the new Home button-up to save the changes you've made. It's a much simpler way, and we do not understand why Apple preferred to create another button for it.

Access the camera with the iPhone blocked

For some reason we do not know, Apple has put a button to access the camera on the iPhone X lock screen. Many users hate it because they do not realize that to activate it they have to use the 3D Touch function .

However, there is a much faster way to access it. Yes, sliding to the left as in previous versions.

As you can see, controlling your iPhone X like a teacher does not take too much work. You just have to remember that these options exist so that, the next time you have a problem, you can solve it with all these tricks.

Did you know any of them already? Leave us your answer in the comments!

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