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Sunday, 21 January 2018

14 fundamental security measures for any iPhone

It is clear that buying an iPhone is a most satisfactory investment. Acquiring one of the best terminals in the market guarantees us a great user experience but obviously we want our mobile to last as long as possible and also, in the best state of conservation. But beware, thieves are not the only threat of our best friend: falls, loss, curious eyes ...

Below, a series of fundamental measures to safeguard the integrity of your iPhone . Some are common sense, but perhaps you have not thought of others that are fundamental.

Get a good case and a screen protector

As soon as your iPhone comes out of its box it should have a case and a screen protector waiting for you . Not only will it protect us from falls and blows, it will also keep the aesthetic and all its hardware protected, as well as helping us differentiate it at a glance.

In addition to the official ones that you can find on the Apple website, we recommend that you take a look at this selection of iPhone 8 cases and the best cheap cases for the iPhone X.

Manage your passwords

There is no infallible password, but there are many passwords that embarrass others . You already know that it is vital to have a robust password for your Apple ID and that we must also have several different passwords to minimize the risk to which we expose ourselves when some of our passwords are broken.

As our memory is limited, our recommendation is that you use a password manager , it is something similar to the iCloud keychain but with more features and a greater synchronization in that it will allow us to use it not only on the iOS device. Here we leave you one of our favorites:
Instalar Gratis

Set an unlock code

Incredible as it seems, there are still people who think it 's super comfortable not to have unlock code on their iPhone , so they get rid of the tedious process of unlocking it. Nothing is further from reality, the unlock code is the first security measure of our terminal and protects us both from manipulations of our environment to gossip as the first barrier to protect our information.

To configure it is very simple, just go to Settings > Touch ID and code , but it is worthwhile to read carefully how to activate it and all the available options before choosing it .


Set Face ID or Touch ID

Another measure of the most logical. Remember that biometric systems do not replace the unlock code, but serve to complement it and streamline the process . Both with fingerprints and your face, these systems have a very low failure rate, they are intuitive and will prevent you from having to memorize passwords. Whenever you can, integrate Face ID or Touch ID with the apps that allow it.

Configure it from Settings > Touch ID and code or Settings > Face ID and code . Remember that Touch ID allows you to enter several tracks and above all, be patient in the configuration process because you will need to pose your finger several times. The same with Face ID: arm yourself with patience to make faces, but it's worth it.

Activate search my iPhone

It does not matter if you have left your mobile phone in the car or it has been stolen, if you have to search for my activated iPhone you will be able to know where it is at all times as long as your iPhone is on. Even if you are without a battery you can see the last location.

Search my iPhone iOS 10

In addition, you can also block and delete it remotely to protect your information , in the extreme case that you know that you will not recover it. We recommend that you read our complete guide to configure and use the Service

Make backup copies

Whether with iTunes or iCloud, it is essential that you have backup copies activated and that you proceed to do them frequently , so that whatever happens, you can protect your information and recover it.

If you are curious about the differences between one and another , or just want to know how to make backups step by step, here you can read how to make a backup with iTunes or how to make a backup with iCloud , do not miss out on look at our specific posts .

Permissions to apps

Common sense is sometimes the least common of the senses . So, sometimes when we install an app we say yes to everything without asking if we should give a game permissions to access the camera, microphone or location. It is logical that we proceed like this with WhatsApp, but not with the Candy Crush for example.

Let's read carefully and value the uses we want. In case we have already said yes, in Settings we can modify them. Special mention deserves the section Location within Privacy , make a review of the apps that can know where you are at each moment.

 tracking all your movements

Automatic blocking

Automatically locking the iPhone screen will avoid prying eyes in case we have not manually blocked our terminal. To activate it you only have to go to Settings > Screen and brightness and Automatic blocking to later select the best option, where you will value a compromise between security and comfort. In general, 30 seconds is more than enough.

Limit your blocking screen

One of the best measures to avoid prying eyes is to limit the notifications that appear on our blocked screen. To do this, we'll go to Settings > Notifications and in Show previews select Never .

Double factor authentication

With double factor authentication we will know who and where account sessions are initiated, so we will add an additional layer of security to our Apple ecosystem. Go to Settings and click on your user profile. In Password and security you will see the double factor authentication, activate it.

Download apps only from the App Store

The App Store is full of tremendously useful and fun apps for your iPhone. Yes, we know that out there, in strange repositories or on the internet we can find much more and perhaps free, but at the expense of not having the security of Apple, which ensures the integrity of our devices and our information avoiding malware. Apple's download platform is a secure environment, stick to it for your downloads .

Beware of strange attachments and links

You may receive incredible emails where you have won cars or WhatsApp messages that offer you a ham ... of course, the picaresque is very widespread and it all starts with a simple link to click to get that car or ham or maybe a year of Netflix free. Nobody gives anything away , so if you see something like that suspicious, do not click on the link or spread the message.

Secure your iPhone?

You have invested to buy one of the best phones in the market and it is logical that you want it to last in optimal condition for a long time, but in case of a misfortune such as dropping it, getting lost, stolen or dropped, probably you stay without him.

Precisely because of how valuable it is and how useful it is for our day to day, it is worth assessing the acquisition of insurance . In this post we show you what types of insurance are there, what they cover, how to hire them and what they include .


VPN apps provide us with more privacy by browsing the internet , something especially useful if we are jealous of our privacy or if we use a public network. Here is a selection of VPN browsers to minimize the risk of our data being stolen during our browsing. 

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