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Sunday, 21 January 2018

3 apps to see the location of your contacts

Being aware of the location of some of our contacts is something important for many . Beyond the friends that we have added, sometimes we need to know where our family members are in case we have an emergency, or at least to know that they arrived safely, especially when we talk about young children.

If you want to know the location of some of your contacts, in this article we are going to leave you three apps with which you will be able to know where they are at each moment.

Find My Family, Friends, Phone

With this application you can create a group of friends or family that will notify all the members when they arrive from their work or school safe. The application also allows us to communicate with an internal chat, in which we can share multimedia content such as photos. It also offers a service to detect if any of them has had a traffic accident.

If you want to download it , at the bottom we leave the link so you can do it quickly.
Localizador de Celular GPS
Localizador de Celular GPS
Social Networking


This is an application a little more social than the previous one . In Zenly you can see the current location of all your friends, and the more time you spend with them, your friendship statistics will improve. Like Snapchat, this application has a ghost mode in case you do not want them to see your location.

Download it and start sending emojis to your friends, you just have to click on the link below .
Zenly - tu mapa social
Zenly - tu mapa social
Social Networking


Of course, the classic Snapchat application could not be missing from this list. We all know what it does, but not everyone knows that developers recently added a new feature so we could see the current location of all our contacts, as well as being able to see who they are with.

It is very entertaining, and you can also create joint stories with who you are at that moment. Download it now!
Photo & Video

Sharing with friends and knowing if your relatives are well is becoming easier with current technology . If you want to start doing it, do not hesitate to download these three applications.

Have you tried any of them already? Leave us your answer in the comments!

Via | The Mac Observer 

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