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Wednesday, 24 January 2018

4 reasons why iOS 11 is the least installed operating system, is iOS looking more like Android?

During the past days we echoed a much more important news than it may seem: at this point, 2 out of 3 iOS devices have iOS 11 installed. This number, which could seem high especially if we compare it with the fragmentation of Android, is the lowest that is remembered after four months since its launch in the September keynote .

And you can like the iPhone more or less as phones from an external point of view, but the real differential element is iOS and its homogeneity . It is clear that the iOS mobile ecosystem is much smaller than the vast immensity of Android, with all its ranges and manufacturers. Thus, it is normal that in general the suite of the bitten apple is an example of stability, design, safety and fluidity; after all, it is the same company that develops the software and designs the hardware.

In Android is another story: only 0.7% of their phones have Oreo and if we put together Oreo, Marshmallow and Lollipop not even reach 56% of all Android devices. As we said before, it is a very different ecosystem full of layers, customizations and devices that integrate the most diverse components. It is clear that Apple's iOS is light years, but the trend is clear: every time we launch less to install the updates , opting for previous versions. Chance or is there something behind?

Why do we update less than ever?

Is iOS 11 the OS with the most bugs to remember?

No, Apple and its devices are far from perfect, but perhaps with iOS 11 have taken the cake . Even one of its managers said they were going through a bad patch in this regard. However, iOS 11 is still a great software, but the list of bugs that it treasures is long and we are increasingly aware of this thanks to word of mouth and social networks.

However, to err is human and we have seen it in absolutely every OS. The solution is usually quite simple: a new update that Apple releases sooner rather than later and solves everything .

Batterygate: a bad juncture

In the previous point we talked about word of mouth and we must admit: it is hurting Apple . It is true that they are facing millionaire lawsuits, that have asked for forgiveness and offered information, that they have even started a battery replacement program and that soon - it is expected to be in iOS 11.3 - a function will be implemented that allows us to choose between safeguarding the life of our battery or squeeze our processor to the fullest.

But the damage is already done with the batterygate: it has been in the popular consciousness the belief that updating is synonymous with your iPhone will go slower . So whatever you do at the software level in the future, Apple must and must improve its communication strategy with users.

A mature operating system

What times those in which the jailbreak gave us tweaks, apps and functions that we could only wish on the iPhone. In fact, some such as volume management are still in Apple's debit. But iOS has been evolving and many users no longer make sense to submit their devices to these unofficial procedures: iOS allows more and more personalization within what fits and also adopts many of those functions, such as screen recording.

And is that we may have become accustomed, but iOS has a lot to offer : dozens of gestures and shortcuts, the cloud, multitasking, control center, more native apps ... So much so, that many simply settle for what they already have. What else if I'm already satisfied? Also do not forget that Apple introduces native apps with shoehorn that you may not need.

16GB devices pass bill

As we have said before, updating usually involves new functions and applications that are generally welcomed, unless you have a 16GB device . Apple had the nefarious idea of ​​continuing to manufacture them until the iPhone 6s, with which many users are raking space. Do I need the Watch app if I do not have an Apple Watch?

Not having space is uncomfortable, but it also reduces phone fluency. For that reason they have decided to stay in iOS 10 .

What operating system do you have installed on your iPhone or iPad? If you have installed iOS 11, do you regret it or are you happy? 

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