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Friday, 12 January 2018

42 things you can do with an Apple Watch

Have you purchased a new Apple Watch as a gift from Three Kings or Santa Claus? Are you thinking about buying the smartwatch from the apple company soon? Do not know what things you can do with this device?

The Apple Watch , regardless of the model, is capable of performing all kinds of functions that will help you in the tasks of your day to day. And with its watchOS operating system, the apple company will increasingly implement more features.

In this article we will create a list of up to 42 of the most interesting things you can do with an Apple Watch . From keeping your body in shape, to sending messages to your friends and family. We start!
42 things you can do with your Apple Watch

1. Answer calls.

2. Keep track of your physical exercise.

3. Use the Apple Watch in the water.

4. Use the Apple Watch as a flashlight.

5. Change the watchOS spheres.

6. Use Do Not Disturb Mode.

7. View information quickly.

8. Monitor your heart rate.

9. Accurately control your fitness activities.

10. Send voice messages.

11. Send emojis in watchOS.

12. Get notifications on your wrist.

13. Share the beat of your heart.

14. Pay with Apple Pay.

15. Use Apple Watch applications.

16. Get directions on your Apple Watch.

17. Use Siri on your Apple Watch.

18. Send drawings from the Apple Watch.

19. See photographs and images.

20. Connect the device to your car.

21. Send Facebook messages.

22. Listen to music.

23. Use Apple Music in Apple Watch.

24. Share your current location.

25. Take a look at your emails.

26. Control your Apple TV.

27. Use the Apple Watch as a camera.

28. Use the Find my iPhone function.

29. Store cards in your Apple Watch.

30. Use the Apple Watch as a clock on the bedside table.

31. Set an alarm to wake up.

32. Send an SOS emergency request.

33. Know the weather information.

34. Create task lists.

35. Send money to friends with Apple Pay.

36. Use the Apple Watch as a stopwatch.

37. Control your home automation devices.

38. Use the Apple Watch as a translator.

39. View traffic information in Maps.

40. See Instagram posts.

41. Keep track of your rest.

42. Activate Airplane Mode.

These are some of the things that the Apple Watch will allow you to do with watchOS. But there are still many more! What do you like the most about your smartwatch?

Via | GottaBeMobile 

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