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Monday, 15 January 2018

5 amazing new apps for iPhone and iPad land on the App Store

The news of the week are here , and more varied than ever. If you do not know what to download from the many applications that are in the Apple App Store, here we are going to leave you five that could be useful at some point in your day to day.

Some are paid, and others are free, so you have something to choose from. Download them all using the links that we will leave you.

It may interest you | These free apps are worth downloading on your iPhone and iPad
Fear For Sale: Darkness

Find the hidden objects in the scenarios of this interactive game, while you search for the missing people in the mysterious amusement park just opened.

The game is quite entertaining and has very positive reviews in the App Store, so if you want, you can take a look.
Fear For Sale: Darkness
Fear For Sale: Darkness
Instalar Gratis
EpocCam Viewer

Transform your iPhone or iPad into a security camera in a few touches with this application. In addition, you can also stream the video to watch it on your monitor or TV. Perfect to take care of children.

The application is free , and you can download it by clicking on the link below.
Gif Maker, Video to GIF

The name of the application says it all. Create your favorite GIFs from videos that you have on your reel, and edit them to your liking with the different filters included in the application.

Download this free app to your iPhone or iPad.
Nindash: Skull Valley

In this game you will be a little ninja who will have to stop a horde of threatening skeletons. Nindash has more than 90 levels, so we do not think you're going to be bored.

Download it by clicking on the link below.
Space Pictures

Do you love the idea of ​​traveling to space in the future? Do not wait more! Transpose to outer space with these beautiful wallpapers taken from NASA itself, we assure you that you will not regret it.

The application is paid , and you can download it here.

Those were all the news for today . We hope that these applications just arrived to the App Store are to your liking.

Have you downloaded any already? Leave us your answer in the comments! 

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