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Monday, 1 January 2018

6 apps to fulfill your New Year's resolutions

The arrival of the new year is imminent. In Spain it is customary to celebrate it by taking 12 grapes to the sound of the chimes, and we assume that in any of the multiple countries where we are read there are different rites to celebrate the change of year .

What is common to all is to have good purposes for the new year . They can be multiple, and although in February we have abandoned them, at least we had the intention. That is why we leave you with 6 applications that can help you propose changes for 2018.

Things 3

The best and most acclaimed task manager. He is able to organize your time and make you plan the days in the best possible way. An app that is simple but very effective.


Maybe your purpose is to learn to cook , or improve your preparations if you already know how to do it. Take new ideas behind the kitchen fires and be amazed with everything you can do.

Meditation Studio

Awarded as one of the 10 best health applications . 30 professionals will help you guide your steps and make you feel much better. Health will be a priority for this year that starts in a few hours.


Recognize it, how many times have you given up learning a new language? With Duolingo you have the possibility to do it in a pleasant and above all, effective way.


If improving and managing your finances in this 2018 is your priority, try Frugi. An effective manager that will help you save while you learn about the value of money.


Get fit with the leading application, a personal trainer at your disposal with exercises and routines adapted to your interests and physical condition. This year you will not abandon your body.

Surely you no longer have excuses to carry out your New Year's resolutions. Ours, keep offering you good content . Happy New Year!

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