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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

6 reasons why iOS fixes bugs better than Android

Apple is the only technology company that has total control over the experience it provides its users through its operating systems (iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS) and this provides a great advantage over its competitors. Yes, we are talking about "the harmonious fusion between software and hardware" of which they boast so much.

On the one hand we have Apple and a series of well-defined and controlled models of iOS devices, and on the other hand we have Google, Samsung and another ten companies struggling to maintain the stability of Android on hundreds of different smartphones.

Apple's position in this regard not only gives them great flexibility when it comes to presenting new features such as AirPlay, ARKit, APFS or Face ID , but also allows them to solve bugs in a much more efficient way than their competitors.

Next, the reasons why Apple has more facility when it comes to solving the errors of its mobile operating system than Google with Android.

1. We all make mistakes ... 

Virtually all the components of a team, device or gadget are prone to have errors, bugs, deficiencies and quality problems. For Apple, these errors become viral . But they have the advantage of solving this kind of problem even before users realize it . We can compare Apple's mistakes with those of other companies, with smartphones literally burning and batteries exploding in airplanes.

2. Android vs Galaxy 

None of the manufacturers of mid-range smartphones will suffer the same consequences as Apple when new bugs and errors are discovered. This implies that many companies will simply end up ignoring these problems . Even Google, accredited as the owner of Android, has never had to solve the bugs of its platform. Then we have Samsung, which is solely responsible for adjusting the software experience in their models (especially Galaxy) ... but they have no point of comparison with the rest of Android smartphones. If Samsung were the owner of Android ... that would be another song.

3. Low expectations on Android 

No other manufacturer of smartphones is as concerned as Apple when it comes to managing problems, correcting errors and solving situations. Apple not only solves the bugs caused by Intel chips or Samsung screens, but also dictates a series of very strict rules in its supply chain: green investments, renewable energy , concern about climate change, donations ... Google or Android is interested in this . They do not worry about it. And this causes low expectations in the consumer.

4. High expectations in Apple 

The search for Apple Maps is horrible, the voice commands of Siri fail on the Apple TV, the iPhone X has very strange tactile gestures, the multitasking of the iPad can only be triggered from the Dock, the file management on iOS needs more functions ... The fact that we analyze both Apple's operating system implies, interestingly enough, that we are talking about a healthy, stable and well-maintained platform. Why? Because everything else works perfect. But perfection is unattainable. Still, iOS users always look for the best.

5. Microsoft 

Microsoft escaped from 1990 stronger than ever. In 2000 it slowed down, but increased its value and sales. What was the key? Control your Windows platform. Today, the company continues to dominate the PC market, but has failed in the mobile device market . It is precisely for this reason that Microsoft tries to change the course and direct consumers towards a world with tablet-PCs. While Apple refuses to create a hybrid between iOS and macOS. More operating systems, more devices, more accessories, more applications ... more benefits.

6. Licenses 

Apple has some things in common with the 1990 Microsoft, but they differ in that the bitten apple company can handpick the components they want on their hardware. Both Windows and Android are exposed to third-party licenses . This disintegration in Android does not benefit them, who covers a lot ... Apple is the company that triumphs thanks to smartwatches, adoption of operating systems, health sensors, home automation, mobile payments, etc.

And finally, there is another important point, Samsung (which represents half of the adoption in Android) remains absolutely dependent on Google. In turn, Google depends on a variety of manufacturing companies. And, well, Apple can get rid of its competitors as if they were small clouds of smoke.

Via | Apple Insider 

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