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Friday, 26 January 2018

6 tips for using Apple Watch while swimming

One of the great innovations that came with the second version of the Apple Watch, and that was much missed with the original model, is the water resistance . Although it was something that many considered essential, Apple was not able to prepare a model with that functionality until a year after the launch of the first. And when he arrived, he did it in a big way, with functions designed for both casual and competitive swimmers. Today, we give you some tips to make the most of it.

Prepare your watch before entering, not in the water

First, you must activate the training mode of the watch out of water. This is more a matter of comfort, since the touch screen stops responding correctly as soon as it enters the pool, so it will be easier to configure it outside. Also, try to find out beforehand the length of the pool, although you have to ask the staff of the same, as it will influence the measurement of the activity.

Remember how tracking works, and nothing to keep it in mind

Sometimes we forget, and we think that the Apple Watch detects the activity we do magically, but we must always bear in mind that the watch will follow the activity according to the movement you make with the arm that has it placed. This means that, if you try to perform certain leg exercises, or that you use only one of the two arms, the watch will not track correctly, so remember it when planning your exercises.
Activate when playing is really useful to avoid juggling

Nobody wants to be wasting time in each break to check if the clock is working properly, for that reason, it is recommended that you use this function, which is still active even though you are in the Apple Watch water mode, which blocks the screen.

Stop your workouts without touching the screen

As you well know, it is possible to temporarily stop the workouts temporarily to resume them later, perhaps after a break, however, few know that it is not necessary to access through the screen. To pause the training you can use the combination of digital crown and side button . However, the watch will try to automatically detect all the breaks you make, so do not worry too much about using this function.

Try to keep your watch tight

Besides for the simple reason that you are in the water and that your watch could end up in the bottom of the glass, you should try to correctly adjust your watch so that the heart rate sensor works as it should. Otherwise, there will be even more gaps than normal in the record of your heart rate.

Make use of third-party apps to improve your experience

Although the Apple Watch's Entreno application is quite good, and we should not have any problems on a day-to-day basis using it alone, the truth is that there are several options that allow us to access even more information than the clock offers us. default. One of them is Speedo ON, which will record all training through HealthKit, and allow us to see advanced statistics such as SWOLF.
Speedo On
Speedo On
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