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Sunday, 28 January 2018

7 fantastic tricks for your Apple Watch

The wearable of the apple company, the Apple Watch, is a really useful device. Especially after the launch of the Apple Watch Series 3 , which features LTE connectivity, more accurate heart rate monitoring and much more powerful hardware.

But with all the features, functions and features offered by Apple's smartwatch, there are many hidden tricks to discover for the user ... In this article we will highlight the 7 best tricks of Apple Watch .

You can follow the tricks and functions for Apple Watch step by step in this video, or do it through the split tutorial that we include below.

The best tricks for your Apple Watch
1. Your applications in list mode

The user interface of watchOS , for obvious size reasons, is very different from that of iOS. So it is highly recommended that you put your applications in a list mode that is much more organized, useful and efficient . To do this, go to the home screen and click on the screen firmly . Then the option of the view mode next to the traditional one will appear.

Perhaps it is not particularly the most efficient way to use your Apple Watch applications in the watchOS operating system of the werable. But for many users it is much more practical to use the menu with a list of apps. What do you think about this?
2. Multitasking applications in watchOS

Both the iPhone and the iPad have their own ways to switch between one application and another in a faster way. Usually, by tactile gestures. But did you know that this is also possible from the Apple Watch of the apple company bitten?

To jump back to the application you used previously, press twice in a row on the digital crown of the device . You can press the side button to make application multitasking appear, but this is a much more convenient (and faster) way to access another app instantly.
3. Transfer a call to your iPhone

Although the Apple Watch Series 3 is an ideal wearable to manage calls, you may want to take care of your most interesting calls from your iPhone . If you have already answered a call directly on your Apple Watch, you can pass the call to the iPhone . You will only have to access your iPhone and click on the green call button located in the iOS status bar. Easy.

4. Check your mobile data

The ability to answer calls and use LTE connectivity in the Apple Watch Series 3 brings a lot of life to the handset. But it also implies that you have to worry about an additional consumption of mobile data. But how is the data you have spent reviewed?

Unfortunately, you can not do it directly from your Apple Watch (for now) but you can do it from the Watch application on your iPhone, in the "Mobile data" section.
5. Reboot forced

If your Apple Watch has a lot of lag, if it has been completely blocked or if it has any kind of problem, you can perform a forced restart to fix it.

To do so, press and hold the side button and the digital crown for 10 seconds. The screen will turn off automatically and restart with the usual Apple logo.
6. Notifications of your heart rate

The wearable of the apple company allows you to activate your system to monitor your heartbeat and notify you when your heart rate is too high .

To activate this function, you must enter the Watch application of your iPhone and navigate to the heart rate section . From here you can activate and deactivate this useful feature that could even save your life.
7. Micky and Minnie will tell you the time

Are you a fan of the Micky and Minnie Mouse spheres? If so, you'll love to know that they can talk to you to tell you the time. When you are using these spheres in your Apple Watch simply press on one of the characters to tell you the time.

If this trick does not work for you, make sure that the option is activated in Settings> Sounds .

So far our list of tricks for Apple Watch, but there are still many more features. Do you want to share them with us? We wait for you in the comments section and in social networks.

Via | Cult of Mac

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