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Sunday, 7 January 2018

7 tricks to make spectacular photos with your iPhone

The camera of the iPhone has become for a large number of users an inseparable travel companion, making that we do not need for our celebrations or trips any other camera. The quality that it offers us in our photographs, especially with the latest iPhone such as the iPhone X or the iPhone 8 is huge, and in some cases it is at the height and even above some of the best-selling professional cameras in the world. market.

In the network of networks we can find an infinity of tricks to take pictures with our iPhone, but today we want to offer you 7 tricks to make spectacular photos with your iPhone , that Apple itself offers us through its official website .

Crop to a preset size 

If you have a photograph that does not convince you, for example because of its size, or because it focuses too much on the landscape and it is not the important things that appear in them, do not worry, cutting a photograph to a pre-adjusted size is what more simple

To crop a photo to a preset size you just have to press the Edit button and then the Crop icon. To select one of the available sizes you will only have to click on the Proportions icon and then click on one of the available options. At any time, and even though you saved the editing changes, you can go back to the original photo and thus to its initial dimensions.

Edit a Live Photo 

A few days ago I found on a friend's iPhone a gallery full of Live Photos, with which I asked him just because of this type of photographs. The answer I fell in love with is that he told me that with this he got the picture he wanted, always and without any complications .

And is that at any time we can change a still image for a Live Photo . With just press Edit, we can select the best picture. To make this change a reality, simply click on "Convert key photo".

Adjust the exposure of the camera 

If you open the camera and focus, you can adjust the exposure of the camera in a simple way. Simply press the point where you want to set the automatic exposure . Once you have the point, if you slide your finger up or down you can adjust the exposure manually. You can even take these pictures in JPEG format .

Find a photo quickly 

Fotos, the native application of iOS, has been improving over time to become an application that virtually all qualify as outstanding. One of the best features it has is the ability to search for photographs, which are sorted by places, by date or by people . It is also possible to search using keywords such as beach, birthday cake or dogs.

If you have just been perplexed with this option, run to try it now and especially to take advantage of it.

Take photos with a timer 

It is not the most comfortable way to take a spectacular selfie, but it can help us using the timer. And is that using the front camera of our iPhone is also possible to use the timer to make selfies. Of course, you must have a great skill to get focus and frame the right way in a very short time .

Add a filter to your photo 

Instagram was perhaps the first application that really put the filters in place, and made almost all of us use them, in some cases in an exaggerated way. However, the filters to apply to photographs have long been available on our iPhone, through the Photos application and by pressing the Edit button.

In the Filter section you will find a few filters that you can apply to your photographs, although you may not find them as much as in other applications dedicated specifically to this type of photo editing. Finally, keep in mind that you can return to the original photograph at any time by pressing the Original button.

Make portraits that you will love 

Not that it is a trick, but surely the result of many hours of work in Cupertino, to allow everyone to have available in the Camera application of our iPhone, the Portrait option.

It is well known by almost everyone, but in a quick and uncomplicated way it will make a perfectly sharp close-up with the whole background out of focus . The result is simply spectacular. 

If you have not yet tried this option, run now and within the Camera application of your iPhone, select the Portrait option , and in case you have one of the new iPhone 8 or iPhone X, drag the icon of the cube to Choose the lighting you want.

This is just a series of tips of the most basic , but if you want to learn to make almost perfect photos, you just have to read us every day. And is that we are great fans of photography and every so often we offer advice, detailed instructions, to get pictures that leave with their mouths open, and yes, using our iPhone.

Has any of the tips that we have shown you to take spectacular photos with your iPhone have been very helpful? Tell us in the space reserved for the comments of this post or through any of the social networks in which we are present and where we are eager to know your opinion.

Via | Manzana 

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