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Saturday, 6 January 2018

7 useful tips for day-to-day on your iPhone

Surely in these days you release an iPhone, may the Magi have succumbed to what you have written on the letter, you have behaved well and you find a new toy in your hands.

Or you may have written the letter, you have behaved beautifully and the Kings have not heard your request and you should continue with your iPhone last season. Both in one case and in the other you should not worry, we give you 7 tips that will make your day to day something more enjoyable .

Take a screenshot

Press the start button and the activation or rest button at the same time. Your capture will be saved in the album of the same name in the Photos app. If you have an iPhone X press and quickly release the side button and the top volume button.

Read Safari clearly

In some web pages, if you click on the dashes icon in the search bar, all the accessories are removed and the photos and text remain.

Do not stop talking

Many times it is better to dictate to the iPhone instead of writing, especially if your hands are busy. Click on the microphone icon and say it .

Sleep routines

Do not limit yourself to putting a simple alarm, set time to go to bed and wake up , and have the iPhone notify you in advance of it.

Use Spotlight as a calculator

On the home screen, swipe to the right to open Spotlight , and enter the operation. Or ask Siri.

Read QR codes

With the camera, try to take a picture, but without shooting. Point to the code and you will see a notification that when you press it, it will redirect you to Safari and you will see the information.

Hidden messages

A little known functionality, in iMessage press the up arrow and then "invisible ink" . To see what you have sent, the recipient will click on the balloon. 

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