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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

8 accessories for Mac, iPad and iPhone essential for your office

There is no doubt that working in an Apple environment has many advantages; comfort, compatibility, functionality , etc ... This is something that all of us who are lucky enough to check are capable of asserting until the last moment.

Now, is there anything better than working with Apple products? Yes, have some accessories that make the task easier for us. That is why we have selected 8 products or accessories that you should not miss at your place of work, the reasons are powerful.

Load base

We have talked about this product recently . With it you can charge your iPhone 2017 and make backup copies of its contents at the same time . An idea that seems ingenious and effective.


If you want your iPad to be the perfect complement to your computer, you should take a look at this product . It is a clamp that clings to the computer screen and the iPad at the same time, with which you can turn your work desk into something more productive . In addition, with the Duet Display app you can take the task from one screen to the other.

IPad support

A support for your iPad , lightweight but robust and adjustable in many angles. Without doubt, a good solution to avoid having your iPad on the table and occupying a much needed space. With it you will also have the screen at a more comfortable height.

USB flash drive 32 GB

The capacity that we have in our device can be easily extended thanks to this design gadget that allows to enlarge the space. Being a USB 3.0 speed is guaranteed.

MacBook support

Having our computer somewhat elevated improves ergonomics and avoids fatigue in the wrists. Therefore, this design support and solid construction will allow us to optimize our time. It can also be used for ipad pro.

Economic iPad stand

This model guarantees solidity, stability and simplicity, at the same time that it has a very affordable price. In addition to that it is foldable and you can leave it well picked up when you finish with your working day . As you see, they are only advantages.


A good keyboard is basic to work optimally, and this is achieved . Its wireless technology gives it a range of 9 meters and can be connected with almost any Mac and iOS device .


Imagine having a mouse in a big way, that is sensitive, interactive , and that you pay attention to each and every one of your gestures. This is the TrackPad , with which your work environment will undoubtedly be more comfortable and friendly.

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