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Monday, 29 January 2018

8 curiosities about the iPad on the 8th anniversary of its presentation

Exactly 8 years ago and one day, on January 27, 2010, Apple presented the iPad to the world . Precisely to commemorate such a special event, one of the big shots of Apple, Bethany Bongiorno, has told on his Twitter account a series of curious anecdotes that took place while Steve Jobs and his were cooking their next big hit. In them we see once again the perfectionism and genius of Jobs taken to the extreme .

We have found a series of such interesting details and a beautiful tribute to his presentation that we have wanted to translate and collect the memories of Bongiorno on one of the most fascinating devices of Apple and which is still expected a great evolution. We talk, of course, about the iPad.

And we know that this year Apple is preparing big surprises on your tablet, which will be redesigned by adopting the Face ID and reducing its edges to the purest iPhone X style . For Apple the iPad is much more , in fact Cupertino believe that it is the ideal replacement for the laptop .

    i joined the iphone team in the fall of 2008, as an iphone software EPM, but it was soon asked to lead the software project management efforts for a new device. which i later learned was a tablet ...
    - Bethany Bongiorno (@bella_bongiorno) January 27, 2018

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Steve Jobs chose the chairs of the event

We know that Jobs was an obese of aesthetics and details. So much so that Steve himself chose the Le Corbusier chair that was used for the presentation event . In addition, they were carefully placed so that the founder of Apple could see how the light fell on them, the choice of colors was appropriate and their distribution was optimal.
Kidnapping the developers

Apparently, Apple called the third-party developers a few weeks before the event for a supposedly timely meeting. Once there, they were told that they would have to be with the project for several weeks, so the Apple staff took them to buy clothes and other necessities . Let's see who says no to the Apple guru.
Maximum secrecy

We have said about the kidnapping and the eye, which almost looks like it. The devs were under surveillance at all times . In fact, they monitored their activity in turns for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They could not carry a phone or use Wi-Fi. The reason? That nothing of the design was filtered. The iPads were hidden in boxes so that they could not even see their identification numbers.
Inspired by Sony

At one point, Steve Jobs decided that certain elements of the UIKit interface were oranges. But not of any orange, but of a hue that I had seen on a button of a Sony remote control. They took a lot of Sony's remote controls until they found him. When they found him, Steve hated him and dismissed him .

A time trial wallpaper

Just before the Christmas holidays 2009 and just one month before his announcement, Steve Jobs thought that the iPad had a wallpaper on the home screen . An engineer was working every vacation for Jobs to see him around the corner. This function came to the iPhone with iOS 4.
angry Birds

The successful Angry Birds game was released in December 2009. Like most mortals, Bethany and other members of the development team got hooked on him. One of his greatest hopes was to see Angry Birds on the iPad screen during the presentation, to demonstrate its compatibility . But not everyone agreed with the idea.
Caring for all the details. Even the hidden ones.

Steve thought that the user interface of the Safari or the Post seemed unfinished. I wanted to polish the details to the fullest, even in things that were not in sight (he called that the "bottom of the closet"). For that reason, the texture of the canvas of the board of macOS was exported to the iPad .
The most beautiful thing I've ever seen

When the day arrived and Steve Jobs lifted the iPad with his own hands in the presentation, a journalist who was behind Bethany shouted:


Bongiorno felt they had done something spectacular. Obviously in these eight years Bethany Bongiorno has repeated that beautiful feeling, but the first will always be his favorite . 

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