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Thursday, 18 January 2018

9 adjustments you should make on your new iPhone

If you have an iPhone just out of its box, you should be eager to customize it to your liking and download all your favorite applications to communicate with your friends or spend time playing with it. However, before doing anything, it is recommended that you adjust it a bit first.

Today we bring you 9 adjustments you should make to your iPhone to get the best possible iOS experience . They are easy to configure, and you can end up taking a lot of advantage of these functions.

Activate Reachability

Yes, it may seem silly, but Reachability is disabled by default on all iPhone devices. Being such an important option, Apple should give it a little more publicity.

With this feature we can bring to the hand everything that is out of our reach , and for this, we only have to touch twice on the Home button.

To activate Reachability, go to Settings> General> Accessibility and turn on the Easy Reach switch.

Once this is done, you should be able to download all the content of your screen by double clicking on the Home button. Just touch it kindly, do not press it .
Increase and decrease the volume

With iOS 11, Apple changed the way the volume buttons on our iPhone or iPad behave . We can change the volume of our notifications, only to control the volume of the multimedia.

If you want to change this option to how it was before the update, you just have to do the following . Go to Settings> Sounds> Activate the switch with buttons, just below the section Timbre y Alertas.
Save all your photos

If you are one of those who want to have memories of everything that happens in your life, then it would probably hurt to lose your iPhone along with all your photos and videos.

But do not worry anymore. To secure all your memories, you just have to turn on the iCloud Photo Library. In addition, this will synchronize your images and videos among all your iOS devices. To do so, go to Settings> Photos and activate the iCloud Photo Library.
Configure your messages

If you want your contacts to know that you read their messages in iOS, you only have to activate this option by going to Settings> Messages> and activate the Notify reading switch . You can also configure many other things, such as showing the number of characters written in the app, or specifying a subject in the messages.

If you want to activate Notify reading for specific contacts , you just have to go to your chat, tap the "i" button that is in the top right, and you're done.
Keep your privacy when you browse

Although today privacy on the Internet is nothing but an illusion, Safari makes the attempt to keep us safe and out of reach of those who have bad intentions.

If you want to start drawing the line, you can make some quick adjustments, such as going to the Settings> Safari> Activate the Avoid cross-site tracking option . This is what prevents advertisers from gathering and sharing your browsing data. Of course, this is not going to stop advertising on the web pages, but it's a big step.
If you like photography

If you are in the wave of photography, then you probably want to activate the grid to be able to use the rule of thirds even when you are taking pictures with your iPhone.

In addition, it will also indicate when we are pointing down and our mobile is in the perfect position and aligned with the horizon.
Configure the functions of the Mail app

Do you want to change the functions that the Mail app performs when you slip an email to the left? Yes you can do it , and it's pretty simple.

Just go to Settings> Mail> Sliding options . Here you can edit what you want to happen when you slip left or right.
Nobody bother you

There are times when we need to study urgently for an exam, or to take a long journey in a way that is not quite right. At this time it seems that all your contacts remember you and start sending you strings, messages, images, videos, voice notes, among many other things.

If you no longer want to be disturbed, just activate the Do Not Disturb mode. In Settings> Do not disturb , you can edit from what time you want this mode to turn on automatically, until you specify which contacts you can disturb even when this function is active.
Roaming and other mobile options

Need to activate urgent roaming on your iPhone? It's not that complicated Just go to Settings> Cellular data and activate roaming in the Options menu.

In this settings screen you can also change other settings, such as sharing the internet of your mobile and others that depend on your operator.

As you can see, setting up a device with iOS is really simple . However, this system has many options to make your terminal a little more customizable, maybe not in the style of the competition, but in large part.

Which ones have you already configured on your iPhone? Do you think we should add some more? Leave us your answer in the comments!

Via | iDrop News 

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