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Tuesday, 2 January 2018

A family unlocks their iPhone X with Face ID, they do not even look alike!

Despite having been with us for almost 2 months, the iPhone X is a terminal that still has a lot to talk about. And not only for having been a terminal that is highly anticipated by all , nor for its high price, but for everything that brings with it one of the innovations of Apple for this terminal, the Face ID.

This system of biometric identification has been put to the test by many people, and although Apple says that its possibility of error is one in a million, today we have knowledge of a mother and daughter who can unlock it without even having much resemblance between them .

In the video that we show, you can see how both can unlock the terminal without any inconvenience and that between both there is a noticeable difference in age and physical resemblance .

We know that after an unsuccessful attempt to unlock via Face ID, the system asks to enter the password and use the most recent image that has been taken from the face, since Face ID is continually learning and updating its database of the face of the owner.

The question is to know if this can be exploited by certain users to do like this mother and her daughter, that both can unlock the device. The iPhone X does not allow the registration of more than one face , unlike the Touch ID, which has the possibility of registering fingerprints of different users.

Apple may not have completely polished this identification system, which aims to be included later in the successive iPhone models that are presented from now on. Is there a good job for Californians ahead with Face ID?

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