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Saturday, 13 January 2018

A lot is talking about talking about the operating system that Apple designed during 2017 and that was put into circulation on September 19 of the same year. We speak of iOS 11 , designed to give a new impetus to all their devices, mainly iPhone and iPad, but which however has had an irregular acceptance according to the type of user.

It is from where he speaks real wonders, because it is true that he has introduced very important improvements in basic aspects of the use of devices , such as screen recording or not to disturb while driving ; or that of people who, nevertheless, have seen the functioning of their devices diminished and who do not want to see iOS 11 or in painting.

All those people interested in learning more about security, mainly in topics such as the new Face ID or Apple Pay , should take a look at the guide that Apple has developed and just published yesterday. You can read the guide here (in English).

Among other aspects, in the guide you can find out about very interesting matters related to security. It tells how Apple takes this aspect seriously and how some of these elements work. It serves as an example that Apple does not access the user's identity confirmation data when we make a payment with Apple Pay or that the password will never be replaced by a biometric system, but complemented.

Among many other aspects, in the 78-page guide , we can find topics such as:

  •     ICloud keychain.
  •     Touch ID and Face ID.
  •     Lost mode, when we lose or steal our iPhone .
  •     CloudKit end-to-end encryption
  •     Types of data protection.
  •     Share Wi-Fi passwords 

We recall that the biometric entification system has been violated on several occasions , either premeditated or not. We have seen cases of being able to be unlocked with a mask to families that can access an iPhone X simply by exchanging the terminal between themselves.

Although this guide is very complete and sometimes contains very specific and somewhat dense information, it never hurts to review it to understand how the aspects related to security in the devices that use iOS work . The last time that Apple published a guide of this type was with iOS 10.3, in July of last year. 

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