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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

All the rumors about iPhone 9 / iPhone XI: price, specifications, design

There are less than 9 months until the iPhone 2018 is released , unless Apple surprises us and fulfills our wishes by presenting the second generation of the iPhone SE , something that would take place either in March or June, during the annual conference of developers.

With so many months ahead it is normal that there are many unknowns around them, however the rumors have already started to flow. Some will be completely unfounded, but others come from the Apple supply chain that has provided us with so many good leaks over the years . Do you want to know everything that is known so far?

They will be 3 iPhone 

According to KGI, this year 3 iPhone models will be presented . But the question is: will the three in September as last year with iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X or will be staggered with the iPhone SE and the two models that Apple had traditionally been doing?

Also, it is also known that they will share the design of the iPhone X. That is, almost without borders and with notch .


Here the rumors are more confusing : some point to the 3 iPhones of 2018 will have OLED display , but others differ ensuring that there will be a cheaper model with LCD technology.

What is clear is its manufacturer. As I did in 2017, Samsung will be the exclusive provider ... but not for long. Apparently, Sharp and Japan Display would make this important part of the production chain in 2019.

What name will it have?

If the iPhone X drove us crazy with its name until the last moment, it seems that the iPhone of 2018 will cause us the same effect . Will it be called iPhone 9 continuing with the logical line? Will he continue with the X and we can see an iPhone XI? Or on the contrary, it will repeat the formula of adding "s" and we will see iPhone Xs?

Cheaper or more expensive than the iPhone X? 

Here there are rumors of all kinds, but we are inclined to think that the flagship of 2018 will have a similar price to the iPhone X for several reasons: to begin with, it is the current market trend. In addition, we imagine that it will share similarities with the iPhone X and several other novelties that will make it simply its market price.

However other rumors point to the launch of some more affordable model . In fact it is said that 2 models will be cheaper than the current iPhone X ... come on, as it is now with the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. We've even seen a crazy and unlikely iPhone Xc that would follow the philosophy of the battered iPhone 5c.

IPhone XS and iPhone XL?

    September 2018: Apple introduces the iPhone X PLUS! 6.7 "screen but not larger than the 8 plus. Concept renders here:
    - Martin Hajek (@deplaatjesmaker) November 9, 2017 

A rumor with enough force indicates that an iPhone of 2018 will be bigger and another smaller than the iPhone X. And is that if the iPhone X of 2017 had the screen of a Plus model in a standard iPhone body, now the body will be that of the Plus model, with a screen that occupies almost all of 6.7 inches. As for the small, it would have the dimensions of the iPhone SE.

With A12 chip 

The iPhone of 2018 will continue the wake initiated by the bionic chip A11 with the A12 processor , which will have even more power in a body of only 7 mm . The A12 will be manufactured with an exclusive procedure that uses UV technology.

Without 5G, but with better connectivity

One of the aspects - probably the only one - in which the Samsung Galaxy Note8 sweeps the current iPhone X is in the speed of data transmission . Therefore, the 2018 iPhones will revitalize their modems thanks to the signature Mediatek , a strategy that on the one hand allows them to get away from Qualcomm - with which they have legal disputes - and on the other to catch up with what is expected. 

For 5G we will have to wait another year , since it will be in 2019 when this technology reaches smartphones.
Face ID or fingerprint sensor under the screen?

We know that Apple was trying to integrate a fingerprint sensor under the screen on the iPhone X, but at the time it was an almost impossible task. Today we have already known the first mobile that has been successful in this company . The Face ID is being a success - separate trolleys - and that's why the 2018 iPhones will repeat this biometric system .

The same camera as the iPhone X 

Surprisingly, the 2018 iPhone will not see the group of sensors and cameras that are behind the notch updated . Come on, that the front optics and the face mapping system will be identical to the iPhone X.

Another subsequent rumor suggests that the iPhone of 2018 would have smaller cameras without relief , at least the back. In addition, they would capture more light to make still better photographs. We will have to wait until 2019 for Apple to reduce the notch of the iPhone .

Metallic body, goodbye to wireless charging? 

One of the rumors that has been repeated a couple of times but that does not produce much confidence is that the iPhone 2018 will have a metal casing . Regardless of the finish of the metal in front of the glass, it is clear that this implies that wireless charging as we know it would not be possible . Of course, this rumor clashes with the launch of AirPower , which is confirmed by 2018.

Another alternative is that the iPhones of 2018 jump to another type of wireless charging that could occur remotely .
More battery

Be that as it may, fast charging is a reality that will allow us to power the 2018 iPhone faster. But they will also have a necessary increase in the capacity of their battery , according to KGI of 10% more . 

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