Allergies, medication, cholesterol ... Everything will be on your iPhone -


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Thursday, 25 January 2018

Allergies, medication, cholesterol ... Everything will be on your iPhone

Today, Apple has presented the news that will bring the next update of iOS, version 11.3, which has been released as a beta compilation for all registered developers who are interested in testing it and soon also for users who are inside of the company's public betas program. Some of them are quite focused on health, in fact, they are two of the most important changes.

Previously, we have already explained the importance of one of them, which will substantially improve the functionality of the SOS mode of the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, and you can find more information about it here. Now, let's move on to the second big change, one that in the future could have much more relevance than we think, allowing us to access more information about our health than we've ever been able to know.

Thanks to its relationship with some of the American hospitals, Apple has developed a system with which users can access from the Health app to their medical history, so they do not have to be dependent on the classic reports that accompany each test. medical This, according to the company, will allow us to improve our own health, since we will be more aware of our own state, however, for now it is only a first step.

As I mentioned in previous posts related to this topic, I think Apple should be especially careful with this type of functions. Yes, it will allow us to access more information about ourselves that, in fact, we should already know about. But all this flow of medical data must be accompanied by advice from professionals, to prevent those who use this service from imagining things that they should not look for information on unreliable sites.

And you, do you think that this type of function will improve our health in the future?

Via | Mashable 

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