Amazon patents a Smart Mirror that dresses people with virtual clothes -


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Friday, 5 January 2018

Amazon patents a Smart Mirror that dresses people with virtual clothes

Amazon has patented an Intelligent Mirror. This device comes months after the American giant acquired the Body Labs, a startup specialist in the development of computer vision systems. Well, Amazon wants to go beyond online shopping and has patented an Intelligent Mirror that would dress people with virtual clothes and they will be able to see the result in the same Intelligent Mirror.

The Intelligent Mirror is still in the design phase, and although the patent has already been registered, we will still have to wait for it to go on the market.
Amazon is one of the pioneering companies in the process of technological revolution today and is transforming commerce by internet as the most important company in the world. In this case, we are not only talking about its huge online store, but also about the most innovative experiences that have led to the physical world. And is that in recent times, the company has been adding certain new features to its platform so that it is better and users enjoy more using it.

The patent document of the Intelligent Mirror describes it as a partially reflective and partially transmissive surface. In practice, this means that the gadget device articulates a mirror with displays, cameras and projectors, in order to mix the different dimensions of the image in a credible way.

To generate the best possible result, the mirror must scan the environment that surrounds the user, creating a virtual environment that can then be superimposed on the real reflection of the space. Then, when the user is placed in front of the glass, the mirror must identify his face and the position of his eyes to determine which objects should be displayed in virtual model and others are shown in real format. Once this process is complete, the clothes are superimposed on the scene, to show a final, cohesive scene, where several realities are mixed.

Not all patents become commercial products, but the acquisition of Body Labs in 2017 increases the chances of seeing this concept materialized in the future. The company specializes in artificial intelligence software and the development of computer vision systems and created in the past a program where three-dimensional models of human bodies were made that could then be dressed in virtual clothes. In addition, it is known that Amazon intends to explore the fashion industry, being that the launch of the Echo Look was a test of that same intention. Large companies do not acquire others in vain.

In practice, this Intelligent Mirror could work in parallel with online clothing stores where users could experience clothing and accessories before buying them. The gadget would bring a new dimension to the experience of buying products online, giving even more confidence to the consumer that sometimes is challenged with the possibility that one or another piece may not settle in the best way. It's that easy, you would see how your clothes would stay without putting them on.

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