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Saturday, 13 January 2018

An iPhone could be the key to judging an alleged killer

At this stage of our history, there is a raw material that is especially valuable to all and that we are producing continuously, without rest, in a completely connected society: the data. Thanks to them, we have been able to accelerate the development of technology, prioritizing what consumers want the most. However, everything has a good part, and a bad part, and in this case, it is difficult to distinguish which is which.

During the judicial process of the alleged rapist and murderer of a 19-year-old woman in Germany, it has been decided to present the data contained in an iPhone 6s as fundamental proof . Specifically, the data that the phone continuously stores about our activity in order to register it and use it in third-party apps or to make us more aware of our physical form.

In principle, these data, related to other evidence in the case, would show that the defendant is guilty. However, we have let ourselves go, and we have not realized one thing: they have managed to access the encrypted data of an iPhone 6s without the owner's permission, at least, supposedly. From here, if they should or not, it would be another question. What really matters to all of us as users is that they would have managed to break the security of iOS again .

Of course, it is perfectly possible that the device had an obsolete version of the system, and that it was vulnerable to certain threats that could have been solved. But it is the most interesting that they have managed to access so easily. Obviously, it will be great if you can arrest the culprit of such a horrible crime thanks to this method, but perhaps there should be more control over this type of methods.

Via | 9to5Mac 

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