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Monday, 15 January 2018

Another problem with the iPhone X: it does not capture the beauty of your hair

The iPhone X seems never to be free of problems. Each time it seems that one disappeared, another takes its place to the disappointment of users. And how could it be otherwise, just another inconvenience appears in the new terminal of the Cupertino.

However, now the problem is more strange, especially for a company like Apple that thinks about every detail of the design of their devices. Yes, the iPhone X has problems with your hair .

The "hairgate" is here 

It seems that one of the consequences of the iPhone X having no frames is that the hair gets stuck on the edges of your screen. Because of this, many users have started to complain because both their hair, beard, and other types of hairs are staying in the new terminal of the block.

You really do not know what may be happening, but the materials of manufacture do not help either. If you want to prevent your hair from getting stuck on the iPhone X, you can always choose to put a sleeve on it . This condition should not be necessary to protect a device as expensive as this, but everyone is free to choose. 

Apple seems to be breaking the mold this year, and have been involved in more than one predicament in recent months. The iPhone is created to create new "gates" with each generation that arrives, and this could bring a new "hairgate" .

We will see how the Cupertino people pronounce themselves in this respect, but for the moment, they have remained in total silence .

Is your hair or beard stuck on the edges of the iPhone X? Leave us your answer in the comments!

Via | Phone Arena 

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