Apple and Samsung will star in the technological duel of 2018 -


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Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Apple and Samsung will star in the technological duel of 2018

With the arrival of the end of the year it is time for companies to take stock of how sales have gone, and TrendForce, some analysts from the world of technology have estimated that Apple has not done bad things with the departure of its star , the iPhone X

And it's not just that, these analysts have predictions of growth in this 2018 for the Cupertino company, with growth due in large part to the iPhone's pull among technology consumers.

It seems that the production estimates of the iPhone will have an increase of 7.5 percent , driven by both the iPhone X and the forecast launch of the iPhone SE second edition, aimed at a demanding public, but is not willing to pay the cost of the Apple flagship .

And what about the competitor of Apple? Well, Samsung suffers from fierce competition from Californians , but obviously will suffer a sorpasso on the part of Chinese manufacturers, who make excellent terminals with Android OS at a much lower cost, championed by brands such as Huawei.

TrendForce makes some fairly general and confident predictions about this year's iPhone models, such as the one about the launches of three iPhone models, two of them with an OLED screen and one LCD. It also refers to the iPhone SE improved and in a deep revision of the biometric recognition system , the FaceID, which is giving so much to talk about in technology circles.

It seems certain that Apple will reinforce its identification system, innovative for the brand of the bitten apple , and that it will do so to make it a safer and more advanced system. However, other brands will continue to bet on fingerprint sensors due to technical limitations.

Via | 9to5mac 

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