Apple breaks record sales of the App Store in the New Year -


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Friday, 5 January 2018

Apple breaks record sales of the App Store in the New Year

Apple is a company well known for breaking sales records. Whether selling devices or applications, Cupertino seems to come out very profitable mobile business. And as usual, this year they have again broken their sales record in the App Store , more precisely on New Year's Day.

If you are not prepared to see such large numbers, then it is better to tie your belts before continuing.

Millions of dollars in your pocket 

During these holidays, users spent more than 890 million dollars on purchases in the App Store. This growth in sales was seen from Christmas Eve, and continued to grow until New Year's Day. This has been made known to us by Apple in a new report released this afternoon.

However, this is not the most surprising, since only New Year's Day users spent more than 300 million in the App Store.

Users know what they want 

The most popular applications in the App Store were actually games , being those that make use of RA the most acclaimed by users. Some like Pokémon GO returned to be at the top thanks to the inclusion of ARKit in their functions.

However, Apple also accepts that developers have been creating very few applications that take advantage of this Augmented Reality functionality in iOS devices, something that Cupertino's are already working on to solve. 

If there is one thing that Apple does well is to sell . No matter what it is, users seem to be interested in everything that the Cupertino people want them to be interested in. With the launch of iOS 11, they improved the App Store, making it much more intuitive and simple when it comes to finding the applications and games that we want.

Have you purchased an application lately? Leave us your answer in the comments!

Via | MacRumors 

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