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Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Apple buys Buddybuild: see all its potential

Apple continues shopping. The Californian company can not stop for a single second as far as acquiring companies is concerned. If a few months ago we saw how they were focused on artificial intelligence and some improvements for Siri, now the purchases are more dedicated to the platform of apps of the company.

Weeks ago, we saw how they made the acquisition of Shazam, an operation that undoubtedly went through the scrutiny of the entire technological community , especially in rival operating systems. The one of today, will not have great repercussions for the consumer, at least of direct form, with which it is not expected that it causes an effect as the one of this previous operation.

These days, the company has acquired the Canadian start-up Buddybuild, dedicated to the creation of tools for the development of applications on iOS and Android. From this moment, the company will be integrated into the Apple group dedicated to Xcode, although they will not move their headquarters from Vancouver to Apple's headquarters in Cupertino, located in the new Apple Park.

On the other hand, they will begin to take measures from this moment with respect to their future plans , starting by not accepting more clients. In addition, they will leave aside the basic plans, which until then were free, and the versions of the tools for the rival operating system, Android.

For now, there is no news of how it could affect the development of the App Store in the coming years, but surely with this help they will be able to attract even more creators to the Apple platform. We hope that the quality continues to be maintained with the amount of applications that can be created with these new tools.

Via | MacRumors 

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