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Friday, 5 January 2018

Apple explains how it will protect the iPhone and iPad from Meltdown and Specter

Apple has decided to finally talk about Meltdown and Specter , two vulnerabilities that had been attacking iOS devices like iPhone or iPad, tvOS devices, and terminals with the macOS operating system.

In this statement, the Cupertino explain step by step how they will protect their users of Meltdown and Specter. Keep reading this article to find out more.

How Specter and Meltdown Work

According to the Apple website, "to work fully, these two vulnerabilities take advantage of a new integration to the CPU called English speculative execution . This feature improves the speed of operation by sending multiple instructions at the same time in a different order than that entered in the CPU. To improve performance, the CPU predicts which part of a branch is most likely to be taken, and will continue with its execution even before the branch has been completed. If the prediction was incorrect, this speculative execution is rolled back so that it is invisible to the system.

The technique of Meltdown and Specter is to abuse the speculative execution to access privileged parts of the memory, including the kernel, using a less privileged user as it could be a malign application on the device. "

Meltdown and Specter take advantage of Intel and ARM microprocessors . In one of our previously published articles , we noted that:

    "It would not only affect MacOS since Apple uses ARM chips on the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, something that started with the iPhone 5s. Like the AMD chips, the ARMs would not be affected by Meltdown, but by Specter. "

Goodbye to these vulnerabilities

Apple has already declared that it has solved the Meltdown problem with an update previously released to all its devices. However, in a short time they will release an update for Safari in macOS and iOS that is supposed to solve the whole problem with Specter.

In addition, they have reiterated that they will continue to get updates for all their devices with which they plan to keep their ecosystem totally clean and safe , something for which Apple has always been recognized.

Apple has everything under control. Meltdown was solved from iOS 11.2 , macOS 10.13.2 and tvOS 11.2, therefore, if you have your devices with the latest version installed, you should not have to worry about.

What do you think of these vulnerabilities? Leave us your answer in the comments!

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