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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Apple is again accused of exploitation

The working conditions of the employees of the production plants that work for Apple are again in the spotlight. It is true that China does not seem to care much about how it works in the factories, regardless of the activity to which they are dedicated, although there are serious accusations of exploitation .

Not only is Foxconn one of the plants that is at the epicenter of these accusations, also Catcher Twecnology, responsible for producing covers for iPhone and MacBook. There is information from some workers who have had to handle corrosive products without an adequate PPE (personal protective equipment) , or directly without it.

Another one of the tricky aspects is the exhibition to high decibel levels of industrial machinery, more than 80 dB during hours and without any type of plug . And is that the Asian giant, where the manufacture of products for Apple concentrates, does not seem to want to worry much about the health of its workers. And maybe the company does not care too much if the objectives are achieved.

Many of the workers employed in these factories come from rural areas of China, and practically live in manufacturing compounds , where showers are scarce, hot water is not always available and the bedrooms are in a very serious state of unhealthiness. And all for a salary that does not reach two euros per hour.

And is that Apple must keep the pace of selling 200 million iPhones per year , and for this subcontracts manufacturing and thereby, increases profitability.Turns of 12 hours people to machines and poor training have caused the odd suicide in the production plants.

Although being fair, Apple lately has tried to enforce agreements that prevent more than 60 hours a week and of course, avoid hiring minors. But there is a lot of work to be done and without hesitation, it is an advertising that does not interest Californians.

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