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Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Apple is clear: it will only change one battery per iPhone

Of all the problem is known that has been presented to Apple with the issue of batteries and the slowdown of the iPhone. The Californian company hastened to come forward and promise a battery replacement program at a reduced price.

This program consists of replacing the battery of the device, iPhone 6 or later, at a price of 29 dollars and not 89 , which is what it costs. This program can accommodate any user regardless of the diagnostic test of the battery , which indicates that those devices that have less than 80 percent useful capacity would be covered.

Even so, the Cupertino company does not want to leave stitch without thread and announces that only one battery will change per iPhone , to avoid picaresque. This means that it will only replace the battery of the device once, and not several, because you have to remember that this program will be valid until December 31, 2018 around the world.

With this very interesting price of the replacement program, a double battery change would have a lower price than a simple change out of program . With this measure he wants to prevent some people from changing the battery now and at the end of this year just started.

Apple says the iPhone's battery is designed to maintain up to 80 percent of its original charging capacity after 500 full cycles . This is the main reference of the diagnostic tests carried out in the Apple Store, but has already announced that it will not take into account this measure so that users can benefit from the program.

At the moment, Apple has already been overwhelmed by requests for replacement requests and there are many delays, up to a week, due to the lack of stock of spare parts .

Via | macrumors 

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