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Monday, 29 January 2018

Apple launches 4 ads on HomePod that give us long teeth

The HomePod is already closer than we think. Apple has already opened its reservation in several countries around the world, and it seems that the most loyal users of the company are willing to buy this new gadget. To give more promotion, the Cupertino have released four new ads.

According to those who have tried it, the HomePod has a fairly good sound quality , surpassing many competitors. In addition, it has an integration with Siri and Apple Music, so we can also use it separately from our terminals.

HomePod Beat

In this first ad we can see the HomePod in its two colors black and white, with the DNA song of Kendrick Lamar in the background.
HomePod Equalizer

In this second video we listen to Big Boi's All Night , the announcement being almost identical to the first one, only with different main animations that have a similarity to the graphics of an equalizer.
HomePod Distortion

In the third ad dubbed "Distortion" by Apple, we can hear the song Holy Water by Hembree , while the video tries to imitate the effect of sound distortion.
HomePod Bass

In the last of the ads launched by Apple to promote its HomePod, we heard Is not I from Lizzo . In addition, the video mimics the movement of dust particles when a very loud bass sound is applied.


Those of Cupertino are quite excited about the launch of their new HomePod , a device that according to them, will change the way music interacts with our surroundings. In addition, it is the first incursion of Apple in the world of intelligent speakers. We'll see how everything goes.

Do you plan to buy the new Apple gadget? Leave us your answer in the comments!

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