Apple wants to prevent you from hacking your account with a new feature -


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Friday, 26 January 2018

Apple wants to prevent you from hacking your account with a new feature

One of the drawbacks usually encountered by technology users is phishing, which is a technique by which the identity of a brand is usually impersonated so that you click on a link, usually with a juicy offer, and aims to Flood advertising, get your passwords and steal your personal data.

The new version of iOS that is cooking, the 11.3, and that yesterday had debut for developers wants to put an end to this practice. Apple is working on a new privacy icon that will appear when the company, instead of a phisher , is asking you for access data or confidential information.

    Nice! # iOS113DevBeta1
    - Dean 👨🏻💻 (@CraftyDeano) January 24, 2018

This icon would appear when a trusted application or Apple is asking you for personal information . It is still an unknown where this icon will appear if at the top or right next to the box where you enter the password. The objective is no other than trying to end these practices, which cause so much damage to users.

And every time the techniques to try to steal information are more sophisticated, even to clone perfectly the aspect of full trust applications, so you have to be very alert not to fall into the trap. The icon of privacy we can find it in iOS , but it also has its counterpart for MacOS High Sierra 10.13.4, and that is currently also in beta. We will have to wait for spring to reach the final version , which will include four new animojis, a battery management option for older devices, messages in iCloud and an improved health application.

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