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Saturday, 6 January 2018

Apple wants you to save data when you watch streaming videos

There is no doubt that the development of increasingly complex smartphones allows us to perform many functions unthinkable for years, such as listening to music or watching videos . One of the main problems that this last possibility has is the amount of data that is spent.

And the data rates of the telephone companies are generally quite expensive and little of gigas normally. So it is not uncommon for you to forget that you will run out of available megas in the middle of the billing cycle.

This, in addition to being a problem for users, seems to have had some effect on technology companies. Apple has joined with other companies such as Google, Facebook or Amazon to develop a technology that allows greater video compression without losing definition. Therefore we would be before the beginning of the end of the data indents in our rates.

This technology is called AV1, and would be a standard for many different devices. It has been working on it since 2015, and Apple's participation in this project has been a secret until now .

This union of giants, called Open Media Alliance, would aim not only to achieve a good transmission of streaming video without compromising its volume , but to unify everything to a unified standard, which would also prevent the payment of capital gains due to the different ownership of patents That is, they look for savings for us and for them.

With the inclusion of Apple in this conglomerate, it could be expected an important advance of the development of the works that are being carried out, and the chances of success could be greater , it is already known that where the Californians are there is always interest and expectation.

Via | theverge 

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