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Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Apple Watch vs Watch Sport: What differences are there?

After almost three years of travel, with its third model already on the market, the Apple Watch is still struggling to become the perfect complement for all users of an iPhone. Either to quantify our daily activity with precision, or to be always in touch with what matters most to us, the Apple watch can help its buyers improve their lives a little more thanks to the comfort and efficiency that it provides.

However, in addition to the best accessory for the iPhone, it is also a fantastic fashion item , something that Apple has wanted to see from the moment the watch was first presented in society. For this same reason, the company has offered us a wide variety of models and belts that try to achieve the tastes of each and every one of its potential buyers. Today, we will talk about some of the differences between its main models, the Apple Watch and the Watch Sport.

The truth is that regardless of the model you acquire, you will not have to worry that one of them is better than the other, at least, if you compare them with a model of the same series. All the Series 3 collections share the same functionalities and characteristics, but they maintain an important difference, their materials. Even though all the models are made to withstand what they get, it's not the same to buy an Apple Watch as a Watch Sport.

In this case, and as you can see in the table that you will find below, the Apple Watch has more premium materials , while the Watch Sport is designed to be somewhat lighter thanks to aluminum, so that it bothers the athletes in no way case. When choosing, that is the only thing that can make you choose one or the other, in any case, you can use any of the straps that Apple offers, although some of them are designed for higher models.

Apple Watch Apple Watch Sport

Screen glass Sapphire crystal Crystal ion-X
Box Stainless steel case Series 7000 aluminum case
Rear sensor material Ceramics Composite

And you, what model will you choose? 

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