Apple would launch 3 new MacBooks and one iPad Pro in 2018 -


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Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Apple would launch 3 new MacBooks and one iPad Pro in 2018

During the last months we have assured that Apple will present three new iPhone with OLED and LCD screens throughout this year 2018, and now rumors suggest that the signature of the bitten apple will do the same with its line of Macs and MacBooks.

That is, Apple will launch three new models of MacBook , in addition to an iPad Pro with a completely new design.

According to the statements of Mark Gurman, a popular analyst known for the reliability of their predictions, each of the new models of MacBook will have coprocessors similar to those currently designed by Apple but with slight modifications that increase their power.

News of the new MacBook 2018

The details about the new models and their technical specifications are very scarce, and rumors about them will go dropper. It is unknown which model will receive a major update in its processors, but the sources confirm that there will be at least two new MacBooks and a Mac .

Another of the most important data to highlight is the launch of a new iPad Pro with a completely renovated design . This tablet will have a much more powerful processor (A11X or A12X). The iPad of 2018 will have compatibility with the Face ID function and the much finer side bezels. In other words, your design will be amazing.

The co-processors of 2018 for Mac

The current coprocessors of the "T" series of Apple include the T1 and the T2 . These are CPU chips specially designed by Apple to provide users with a variety of advanced features in their high-performance Macs.

The T1 chip, for example, has been implemented in the MacBook Pro 2016 and 2017, and helps manage various aspects of the OLED Touch Bar , the Touch ID function and other security features.

As for the T2 chip, it is integrated into the impressive and spectacular iMac Pro . It is designed to improve security, speed and data storage.

Finally, it is interesting to note which new Macs will be presented in 2018 . Recall that the company could be planning the launch of three models. These are some of the options to consider:

  •     Mac Pro
  •     Mac mini
  •     12-inch MacBook
  •     13-inch MacBook
  •     12-inch MacBook Pro
  •     13-inch MacBook Pro 

Why models will the bite apple company choose? What Mac would you buy this 2018?

Via | iDropNews 

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