Apple's AR glasses have been cooked at CES 2018 -


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Saturday, 13 January 2018

Apple's AR glasses have been cooked at CES 2018

The 2018 Ces celebrated in Las Vegas today is coming to an end. We have seen many accessories that will undoubtedly give a boost to our daily tasks, and home automation is pushing hard.

Apple is not present in this type of events, but we have had knowledge of all the gadgets compatible with the products of the Cupertino brand that will arrive little by little. Stabilizers for iPhone, covers that carry a MacBook or toothbrushes that make use of augmented reality.

And that Apple has not been as a brand at CES 2018 does not mean that some of its scouts, engineers and thinking minds have been probing and seeing what other brands do , or simply, what is to come and can hit hard in a immediate future.

It has already demonstrated with iOS 11 its commitment to augmented reality , in fact its application store, the App Store, has a vocation oriented towards this aspect, with more and more programs that make use of it.

Apparently, in the CES that is ending today, the augmented reality headsets have been very visible , and in November we already published that this is a project that is very interesting to Tim Cook, assuming that in 2019 they could have something prepared.

The requirements of both software and hardware for a project of this caliber are great, we refer to the AR, therefore, Apple may during this event have given a boost to the ideas it has in the drawer of surprises . How will they want in Cupertino to orient futuristic augmented reality glasses? Or will it finally be what it could be and was not?

As always, we wait for you in comments with your opinions.

Via | 9to5mac 

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