Beware, criminals also want your Netflix account -


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Saturday, 13 January 2018

Beware, criminals also want your Netflix account

Often, we forget how dangerous the network can be. We get used to lots and lots of data collapsing through all connected devices, and we do not realize the risk to our personal information if we take a wrong step. That is why cybersecurity laboratories such as PandaLabs continually investigate new threats, so that we never forget the importance of staying safe on the Internet.

In this case, that particular laboratory has managed to identify a new wave of attempts to steal information by email or phishing, and the goal is your Netflix accounts. The person responsible for these attacks is launching a large number of e-mails informing users that a problem has arisen when verifying their payment information, and that they must verify their account immediately.

The email itself, provides us with a link to a supposed official Netflix page, but as you can guess, it is a hoax. By clicking on the link, your browser will direct you to a page that mimics the aesthetics of the streaming company, but its link is completely false. Under no circumstances try to access the page from that link, because once you do, the criminal can access all the information on your Netflix account.

Normally, these types of emails are filtered by our email servers, but it is important that you know that there are always exceptions, and that we must know how to recognize these phishing attempts. For this, the main thing is that you always check the address that sends you the mail and compare it with an official mail of the company if you are not sure that it is true. With this simple trick, you will save yourself a lot of headaches.

Source | PandaLabs 

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