Beware, this app does not tell you if Apple has slowed down your iPhone -


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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Beware, this app does not tell you if Apple has slowed down your iPhone

A few days ago broke the controversy of Batterygate or what is the same discovery of a controversial decision of Apple, with which introduced an energy management function that allowed Cupertino to slow down the older iPhone . This has aroused a huge controversy, which the company that runs Tim Cook has managed to leave more or less in an angry manner.

However, the controversy still colea, and there are many users who want to know if Apple has slowed their iPhone. To do this today we will show how to check the battery status of your mobile device , and know if it has been degraded, through a simple application that you can download for free on your iPhone.

Lirum Info Lite is the name of this application, which you can download right now from the link that you will find below and with which you can know instantly if Apple has slowed down your iPhone.

If you have already installed the application and you have accessed it, you will see the real clock and the maximum clock of the CPU . According to several experts if the actual CPU is less than the maximum clock, it will mean that Apple is slowing down your iPhone. This application does not seem entirely reliable, although it can be an important starting point, to discover if those of Cupertino have intervened in the normal operation of your device.

At the moment one of the best options, regardless of downloading the mentioned application or checking the battery status of our iPhone, is to wait for Apple to launch a new iOS update, although it may not always be positive to update . With it, it is expected that the visibility of the state of the battery will be improved , and in this way it will be possible to check clearly whether it is affected or not. Even many point out that Cupertino will confirm us directly if our iPhone has been slowed down, so that from there we can make decisions regarding our device.

Have you managed to discover thanks to Lirum Info Lite if your iPhone has been slowed down ?. Tell us in the space reserved for comments of this post or through any of the social networks in which we are present. 

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