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Sunday, 7 January 2018

Buy an iPhone over the internet but receive a cucumber

It's a fact: buying on the internet is a real wonder and more and more people are jumping into the pool to buy all kinds of products through the network because there is nothing like buying from home, with more than enough time to look at everything well , inform yourself and find the best offer. You can also buy everything: from a pen to a house and of course, technological gadgets are no exception.

But there is a small but: security . We do not tire of repeating the importance of buying on websites with security certificates, that have contact information in sight, allow to pay with PayPal, with good payment policies, shipping, customer service and returns, finally, that you read the opinions of other buyers. In a last instance, in CP we usually publish the best offers to buy with total security.

However some people do not pay as much attention, or maybe they just have bad luck . This is the story of a Chilean who was encouraged to buy a wonderful iPhone 6s. It is not detailed from which web, but the form of payment was a deposit, something not very recommendable at the time of claiming.

Total that when the days came the brand new iPhone case, opened eager to enjoy it and what was his surprise to discover that there was a cucumber inside. A healthy and smooth cucumber . When you buy an iPhone you know you are doing with one of the best mobile phones in the market: power, design, fluidity, elegance, security, speed ... come on, you have to loosen the wallet but at least you have a mobile phone cucumber. But not a cucumber.

Obviously the victim filed a complaint with the national police, who after initiating an investigation found the culprit: a 39-year-old woman from the city of Concepción, who was charged with fraud. His modus operandi was quite simple and effective : he simply put the ads outside his city to avoid problems. Of course, nothing high technology, what was inside the boxes were ingredients for the salad to give the hit. What a tomato!

The moral of all this is very clear: be careful where you buy your gadgets , these stories do not always end well and disgust does not take away from anyone.

Via | FayerWayer 

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