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Thursday, 11 January 2018

Codey Rocky: meet the new child robot that wants to teach children to program!

Codey Rocky, is the new robot presented by the company Makeblock at the CES 2018. Its name is Codey Rocky, a robot whose main task is to teach programming codes to children from 6 years old. Codey Rocky is a crawler floor robot, comes in a compact design, comes with a removable and programmable controller.

Codey Rocky, the robot of Makeblock, integrates in itself several sensors that make possible the programming of a wide range of functionalities.

The company Makeblock is the partner of LEGO in the creation of electronic and modular toys for children. Given the importance of programming in this technological age, he presents one of his most recent and innovative proposals for the children's segment: the friendly Codey Rocky, a robot that teaches children how to program by playing!

Codey Rocky has a main robotic piece, Rocky, which is a vehicle with caterpillars. It also has a removable head with an LED display that can be used to show facial features by being able to express emotions through the combination of controls that you press. The head, Codey, is a removable controller that can also be used as a remote control. And it is that they are two robots in one and both are full of sensors and outputs so that children can program many interesting behaviors and interactions.

The exercises are mainly developed through an application that works equally well on computers and mobile devices. The command will extend between three buttons (A, B and C). In addition, it is also possible to use this command to play some games in the application.

This controller is also the brain of the Codey Rocky and integrates 10 electronic modules that can be programmed independently through the application. The programming process is, in this case, quite intuitive, consisting of the grouping and arrangement of color blocks with specific commands. This will allow children to immerse themselves in the world of technology in an easy and fun way.

Codey Rocky can be programmed using a variety of options to adapt to different levels of experience. Children can use graphical coding based on mBlock Scratch 3.0. Many children use Scratch at school, so this will be a family environment.

As children progress, they can also code using Python, a text-based language that is popular with beginners but also used in the industry. In addition to regular coding, Codey Rocky can be used to create artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) projects. These are hot topics and technologies that are important for children and adolescents to understand.

Codey Rocky is compatible with LEGO and programmable electronic blocks Makeblock Neuron. This really widens the possibilities of what you can do. It also brings Learning Guides to help kids get started with Codey Rocky programming with graphic blocks and with Python.

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