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Friday, 26 January 2018

Die with me, the app that accompanies you when the battery of your iPhone dies

In life there are stressful situations, but there is one of them in which the ticking of the clock seems to accompany an everyday event: have little battery in your iPhone and you can not load it. You do not stop looking at the percentage and see how it goes down. You try the resources that you have learned: lower the brightness, low power mode activated, deactivate notifications ...

But although you can not do anything to avoid with your iPhone devours the percentage, you can take advantage of the last heaps of battery to do something, use an app that we have been aware of. It can only be used when your phone reaches a battery level of less than 5 percent . And it only allows you to chat with random strangers whose phones are also in a critical situation.

The truth is that this crazy idea emerged as something more serious, like a dating application. But the fun of this, is that being able to be used with little load capacity, users who chat between them have the opportunity to feel pressured to be out of the application .

the application, which apparently is causing a furore, only allows the sending of text messages , you can not send photos or videos, and next to each message shows you the remaining battery percentage that you have left. Higher pressure impossible, right?


And is that being able to do something useful when we have so little room for maneuver is now possible, even if it's a chat with people in the same situation as you . And, when we thought we had seen everything, Die with has come to give me a breath of fresh air in a stressful situation. And well, it enhances the need to feel permanently in connection with others.
Die With Me
Die With Me

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