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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Differences between the Fototeca and My photos in streaming. Which is better?

Apple provides us with several alternatives to manage the photos and videos we take with our iPhone and iPad. We can choose the classic process of passing them to our team with the cable, using a specific app or taking advantage of all the advantages offered by the cloud. And with iCloud all in fast, simple and automatic .

But we must bear in mind that with iCloud we can manage our photos and videos using two tools: using the Fototeca or with "My photos in streaming" . By the way, if you have questions about its operation, we recommend you read the full tutorial on How to set up and save photos and videos in the iCloud Photo Library (2018) or the tutorial on What is and how to set up my photos in streaming (2018) .

Both are great solutions, but depending on your needs, you probably prefer one over the other . So to help you in making this important decision, we want to show you what are the differences between the Fototeca and My photos in streaming.

What occupies less?

Both the Photo Library and My Streaming Photos store your multimedia content in iCloud, a storage space in the cloud that by default has 5GB. Yes, while the Fototeca will upload all your photos and videos until you run out of space, with My photos streaming only those made in the last 30 days with a limit of 1000 , that is, the most recent, are available.

That's why if you want to save space , you may want to use My photos in streaming. But if you want to have everything and do not mind buying more space, then yours is the Fototeca.
Where can I access my photos and videos?

In both cases, the photos and videos are loaded automatically and to access them you only have to log in to iCloud with your credentials of the Apple ID . You can do this on the following devices: Mac, Windows PC, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple TV (4th generation).

However, with the iCloud Photo Library you can also see them with your Apple Watch , something that can not be done with My Photos in Streaming. So if you have Apple Watch, it's a point to keep in mind.

What files are saved?

Both the Photo Library and My Photos in streaming store JPEG, TIFF and PNG files , that is, the typical photo extensions. However the Fototeca also allows us to save HEIF, HEVC - new optimized formats of iOS 11 on which we recommend that you inform yourself to know its advantages -, RAW, GIF and MP4.

As you can see, the Fototeca allows to save not only photos in traditional formats but also other more compressed extensions, videos and some animations .

How are the photos saved?

In both cases, the photos are uploaded to iCloud. But the Fototeca consumes the space of iCloud and My photos in streaming does not take up space . Likewise, while in the Fototeca they are saved with full resolution and their subsequent retouching, with My Photos in streaming they are shared with lower resolution for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, but complete for Mac or PC, but modifications are not always updated .

What is better?

Of course, if you are passionate about photography and enjoy the great optics of your iPhone , you probably prefer to use the Fototeca and have all your photos and videos and later modifications available in the best quality.

If, on the other hand, the resolution is a bit similar and you prefer to optimize your space or you simply do not want to pay for iCloud, then it may be more than enough with My photos in streaming.

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