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Friday, 19 January 2018

Differences of iTunes and iCloud backups

When we have to update our phone or tablet, or simply by mere caution, we must check that we have a recent backup, and if not, we must create it using the different methods offered by our operating system. In the case of Apple, it is a fairly simple choice, since there are only two ways by which ordinary users can create one, or schedule their periodic creation.

For those who do not know these methods, which usually go unnoticed because they are activated by default and do not usually require user intervention, we talk about locally stored backup copies through iTunes, and copies of iCloud , stored in the company's cloud storage service. However, even if they seem the same, the truth is that they maintain some differences.

Of course, the big difference between them is that the first requires the physical connection of our device to the computer by means of a Lightning cable, while the second simply depends on a connection to the network. On the other hand, security is also part of this list, given that while the copies of iCloud are always encrypted , those of iTunes keep this as an option, which means that there is the possibility that certain data, such as Health, does not are included.

In addition, there is another important detail, and that iCloud backups do not include information that has already been uploaded to the cloud, while those of iTunes itself (except the photos). Thanks to this, if we choose to do it with iTunes, we will not have to worry about depending on the network to access them, since everyone will be safe on our computer. With these points on the table, it's time for you to choose the most appropriate method, but at least use one of the two.

And you, do you make your backups in the cloud or on your computer?

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