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Thursday, 25 January 2018

Do not do this at home: how not to know if an iPhone is fake

An iPhone is an object of desire for many people and for this, there are unscrupulous people who are able to falsify one in order to calm the anxieties of others and obtain a great economic benefit. We already know that China is the country par excellence of imitations and fakes, telephones included.

What we tell you next has put in serious danger the life of a person who tried to verify, that yes, with a very unorthodox method, if the iPhone that was going to buy the authentic or a fake. This buyer can not think of anything better than in the shop, take a bite to the phone to check its authenticity . The first thing that attracts attention is the chosen method, something that without a doubt would leave a mark and that, to give a touch of humor, tests the teeth of any person. What happens next, however, is not funny at all, so take a look at the video.

What happens is that by biting the phone, it has also bitten the battery and managed to pierce it, causing a chemical reaction that leads to a violent explosion . As you can see in the video it seems that the person manages to retire a few tenths of a second before the deflagration occurs. We do not know if this individual has suffered burns of any kind or any injury.

And there are many ways to check if what we are buying is authentic or not, we recommend that you take a look at this guide and you will not have any doubts about what you are finally going to take. It is true that you have to be very careful not to get it, but if you do not let yourself get carried away and if you follow our recommendations step by step, no one will give you a free cat. 

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