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Friday, 5 January 2018

Download now these incredible wallpapers for iPhone

We have the year 2018 just started and we return with our proposals of wallpaper for iPhone, the famous wallpapers . We thought that it is best to choose a theme that always comes very well and is very grateful, spectacular images of our planet .

Our small blue ball, formed 4600 million years ago, provides us with spectacular landscapes, images that should make us reflect on how much we have to take care of our environment .

How to download wallpapers on your iPhone

Once you have chosen your favorite wallpaper, you have several options to download and save the image on your iPhone for later installation:

    Click on the "Download" button and save the image.
    Keep your finger pressed on the image and open in a new window.
    Keep your finger pressed on the image and select "Save image".

How to select a new wallpaper

After downloading the wallpaper you want on your device, you will have to access the "Wallpaper" section of the iOS Settings application to include the new wallpaper on your Home Screen or on your Lock Screen from the "Select" option another fund. "

Remember that we only have one planet and that we must be responsible with our environment , it is the inheritance that we are going to leave to our future generations. Although this is a technological blog, our commitment to the environment is maximum.

And this has been our selection of wallpapers or wallpapers of images of the earth for all models of Apple's iPhone, surely you have already been infatuated with some. We hope you have been to your liking , now it's your turn to personalize your iPhone with these incredible wallpapers. 

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